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City Equities Ltd

City Equities Ltd
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Targeted precious metals

City Equities Ltd dubs itself "The Specialist in Penny Shares". Established in London £hence the "City" title) inr 1992 it says it "focus[es] exclusively on the smaller companies sector - 'penny shares' which have the potential to deliver substantial capital growth".

As of 2009 it held 8.02% of Red Rock Resources PLC [Hemscott 18 May 2008], while, in Septmebr 2007,. City Equities Nominees Limited, as of 15 September 2007, held 6.44% of West African Diamonds PLC.

Among the many smaller mining companies for which City Equities has issued shareholder recommendations (to hold, buy or sell) during 2012 are:

Berkeley Mineral Resources (which is part of a JV to exploit minerals at the Kabwe mine in Zambia); Regency Mines (active in nickel in Papua New Guinea); Kolar Gold (active in India);Peninsular Gold; Vane Minerals (linked with Uranium One); Afferro Mining (active in Liberia) ; Vane Minerals; Solomon Gold; Jubilee Platinum (active in South Africa; Zincox (active in South Korea);

Diamond Corp (active in South Africa); Tertiary Minerals; Amur Minerals; Goldstone Resources (an AIM-listed exploration company focused on gold in Senegal); Kibo Mining; Stellar Diamonds; Beacon Hill Resources; Norseman Gold; African Mining & Exploration (focused on Mali); Sunrise Resources; Metminco;

African Eagle; Touchstone Gold; Atlantic Coal (active in the UK); Bushveld Minerals (focussed on South African coal); Stratex (active in Djibouti); Paragon Diamonds (focussed on Lesotho); Stellar Diamonds (active in Sierra Leone); Bullabulling Gold; Copper Development (active in the Philippines); Eurasia Mining; Aureus Mining (active in Liberia);Caegory:active in South KoreaCaegory:active in Senegal Caegory:active in Mali