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Bank Secrets – “Bank Secrets; Banks and their Alarming Investment Practices”, Netwerk Vlaanderen in association with BankTrack, December 2007

Financing Global Mining – “Financing Global Mining: The Complete Picture” (ed. Rob Morrison), pfi market intelligence, Thomson’s 2007

Hemscott – Hemscott supplies daily-updated information on share prices and equity investment in companies registered on the London Stock Exchange (including AIM), along with the company’s own official announcements. (See also Footnote 4).

FT – Financial Times (UK)

MJ – Mining Journal, published weekly in London

Piplinks 2007 – Research (currently being updated) on mining companies active in the Philippines, carried out by Philippine Indigenous Peoples’ Links (Piplinks) UK

An excellent prime source of information on all aspects of Canadian mine finance is:

Mining Investors: Understanding the legal structure of a mining company and Identifying its management, shareholders and relationship with the financial markets, by Joan Kuyek, Mining Watch Canada, November 2007; available for download at:

Mined U - Financing of new uranium mines, WISE (World Information Service on Energy) Amsterdam, March 1998.